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1 kg Mutton /Chicken /Beef
2 T/S Lalla's Special Ginger/Garlic, Leaf, Mutton or Chicken Masala
2 T/S Lalla's special Crushed Ginger/Garlic Paste
2 t/s Salt, 1 t/s Borrie (Tumeric Powder), 10 pieces Curry Leaves
5 Cardamon, 5 Cloves, 5 Star Aniseed (Bhadia), 5 Cinamon Sticks
3 Elacha (optional), 1 t/s Garum Masala (flavoring)
1 t/s Dhania (Corriander Powder), 1 t/s Jeera (Cumin Powder)
1/2 Cup Oil, 4 medium sized Potatoes (cut in quarters)
2 medium sized Onions (chopped), 2 Tomatoes (chopped/grated)
Green Dhania (Corriander) to garnish

Fry onions in 4 T/S oil with masala, borrie, crushed ginger/garlic
and seeds (cardamon,cloves,bhadia,cinamon) until golden brown.
Rub dhania/jeera powder and salt into meat/chicken with 2 T/S oil
Hot Tip: for Extra Hot! Rub 1t/s Red & 1t/s Green Wet Masala to flesh
Add meat/chicken and curry leaves with remainder oil (4 T/S) into
pot and braise for 20 minutes. Add potatoes with water (1 and half
cups water for meat & 1 cup for chicken) and allow to cook for
30 minutes until potatoes slightly soft. Add tomatoes and cook on
medium heat for further 10 minutes. Sprinkle garum masala and
chopped green dhania leaves over meat/chicken before serving.

A delicious and aromatic Indian Curry is now ready to be served.
Accompany with hot Roti, Basmati Rice, Papadums & Pickles.

PLEASE NOTE:    T/S = Tablespoon  &   t/s = teaspoon

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