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The name Lalla's is synonymous in Port Elizabeth with the sensory world of exotic spices and this business has been a land mark in the city for more than 60 years.
Lalla's The Spice King, today at the corner of Cottrel street & Standford road in Korsten was started by humble businesman Jena Lalla Kooverjee and his wife Kamri Ramjee in 1951.
Jena had started his first business, Lalla's Cash Store in Gardiner Street
in old South End and soon after he married Durban born Kamri, she prompted him to introduce Indian Spices to his offering.
Jena who was also known as Mr Lalla, ran the business with Kamri steadfastly by his side.
The eldest of 8 children and coming from Durban which had a vibrant Indian community, she had been exposed to spices from a young age.
Back then the eldest daughter has to take over the household duties.
It was during this time that my she became familiar with the Spice Merchants in Durban.
After they  married and she moved to Port Elizabeth, she
saw the need for a Spice Shop and Indian Food in this City.
The Spice Shop has been in business for 63 years and is believed to be
one of the oldest spice shops in the city.
During the apartheid years, the family business was forced to relocate from South End to Korsten where it currently trades.
Mr Lalla was born in Graff-Reinett, he only had a standard 2 education
earning a meagre income working in a shoe factory at the age of 12.
He later opened his own Lalla's Cash Store in South End in the Makan's
building. Jena came from a family of she repairers. Being
 forcefully removed from South End was heart breaking for the family.
The next generation currently run and manage lalla's.


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